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3000 Reasons Not to use Barn Metal Roofing on Your Home

Many homeowners each year find themselves with a major decision about their home. What type of roof best suits both their taste and budget. While many love metal, all metal roofing is not created equal. Metal roofing can last a lifetime and, if you make the mistake of choosing the wrong type of roofing, so can the consequences.

On an average 2000 square foot home there can be upwards of 3000 screws installed through your new metal roof. Pole barn Metal panels do not have the flashing and termination trims required to properly flash around sky lights, chimneys, roof valleys or complex roof intersections. Yes, the screws come with a neoprene washer, and indeed the washers have seen marked improvement in the last 20 years. But, while the metal can last in excess of 50 years, the washers are commonly known to fail within 10-15.

More importantly, the improved washer still doesn’t allow the metal roofing panels to expand and contract as metal is known and proven to do. Also, over tightening a screw which is easy to do can damage the washer without the installer noticing. Under-tightening the screw leaves a gap for a potential leak.

Pole barn metal panels have and continue to serve the agricultural industry and non-heated garage and storage structures well. But when it comes to your home, consider a standing seam metal roof system that is mechanically fastened with a screw and a clip which does not penetrate the brand new metal roofing being installed on your home or busines. Standing seam is more costly but will last a lifetime with proper installation. Standing seam metal in a 26 or 24 gauge offers superior wind damage protection and, in some areas, may qualify for a discounted insurance premium.

The benefits of standing seam metal roofing are not only cosmetic. Carefully choose what protects your home, and enjoy the security for a lifetime.

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