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Why Should You Always Use a Local Contractor?

We often get the question "Why shouldn't I use a National firm for my project?"

There are several angles from which to answer that question. Here are just a few of them.

First, large, non-local firms are operated as marketing companies rather than construction companies. If you are happy with the work and recommend the company to a neighbor, it could and probably will be a completely different and untried crew that shows up and your neighbor might not be as lucky. The crew has been hired once by the company. You didn't hire them directly, so you are also not their customer.

Second, having no relationship with local municipalities and no knowledge of local codes can cause long delays for contractors who are here temporarily. It's very unlikely that a national company salesman knows all of the details of multiple municipalities.

Third, you want a contractor that you have a relationship with for questions that are related to your project. Maybe you even have questions that are unrelated. Someone who is busy "working" the next town is too busy for your call. The easy things in life are made from good relationships.

Finally, the local economy is depending on your support, particularly in our area. Local businesses support and donate to local causes, bringing nicer things to the area for all of us.

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